HavenZone IT Solutions - Email Server

1u Email Appliance

The MailBochs® email appliance, based on the Zimbra® software platform, is specifically designed for the SMB market. It provides a powerful web-based interface and a flexible package manager to enable even greater functionality.

  •         IMAP, POP3, AJAX web-client
  •         Shared address book and calendar
  •         Full backend administration GUI
  •         Support for LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory integration
  •         Native anti-spam and anti-virus scanning


Powerful and Flexible

The MailBochs® email appliance is an extremely powerful hardware device that provides unmatched reliability and flexibility. With no licensing fees and an easy web-based management interface, the MailBochs® email appliance makes it easy for anyone to maintain and administer.

Feature List

  •         AJAX-based end user interface
  •         Drag/Drop with drag context
  •         HTML formatting
  •         Contact List View with Preview Pane
  •         Add Photos to contacts
  •         Personal calendar scheduling
  •         Group calendar scheduling
  •         Day, Week, Work Week, Month calendar views
  •         Task lists
  •         Multi-Domain Administration
  •         Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus
  •         IMAP / POP3 Support
  •         Import wizard for Outlook



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