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Reduce costs with our tried and tested network fax server

With thousands of customers and numerous awards, GFI FaxMakerâ„¢ is a leading network fax server software solution for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It makes sending and receiving faxes an efficient, simple and cost-effective process and solves the problems associated with manual faxing. GFI FaxMaker allows users to send and receive faxes directly from their email client and it saves each fax digitally for easier filing and finding. It gives you reliability and enterprise functionality at highly competitive pricing.

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Established solution



Immediate ROI

Established solution

A leading network fax server software solution for several years, during which it has won several awards.

  Immediate ROI

With an excellent price-performance ratio, it is a worthwhile investment which pays off in no time at all.


Supports multiple platforms



FoIP support

Supports multiple platforms

Integrates with MS Exchange 2000 to 2010, and supports Lotus Domino, MDaemon and other popular SMTP servers.

  FoIP support

Enables you to easily send faxes over the Internet, integrating with the existing IP infrastructure.


Easy to use



Install it and forget it

Easy to use

Forget long-winded manuals: Sending a fax using GFI FaxMaker is as simple as sending an email.

  Install it and forget it

Once set up, there is no more maintenance required to keep the product running smoothly.


Send a fax from any application

To send a fax, users print from their word processor to the GFI FaxMaker printer, or create a new message in their email client (for example, Outlook or Outlook Web Access).

The user then selects the recipient(s) of the fax from the Outlook Contacts list (address book) or enters the fax number directly. After clicking on the Send button, the fax is sent and the user receives a transmission report in his or her inbox.

Receive a fax by email in fax or PDF format

GFI FaxMaker delivers faxes to the user’s inbox in TIF (fax) format or as an Adobe PDF file.

This enables users to check faxes from anywhere in the world, using either a normal desktop email client (for example, Outlook) or a web-based email client (for example, Outlook Web Access). Receiving faxes in PDF format means the fax can be easily forwarded and it also allows for easy integration with document archiving systems or workflow procedures.

Automated fax delivery/inbound fax routing

GFI FaxMaker can automatically route incoming faxes to the user's mailbox or to a particular printer based on a DID/DDI/DTMF number or on the line on which the fax was received. Faxes can also be forwarded to a public folder or assigned to a network printer per installed fax port.

Supports Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and other SMTP servers

GFI FaxMaker integrates with Exchange Server 2000/2003/2007/2010 via a standard Exchange SMTP connector. GFI FaxMaker integrates via the SMTP/POP3 protocol with Lotus Notes and any SMTP/POP3 server. It can be installed on the mail server itself or on a separate machine. For Lotus Notes, @FAX addressing is supported.

There are no schema updates to Active Directory. This makes GFI FaxMaker scalable and indifferent to new Exchange service packs and versions. Microsoft Exchange 5.5 is supported simply by creating a routing rule on the Exchange 5.5 SMTP connector. GFI FaxMaker can be installed on the Exchange server or on a separate machine, in which case no software has to be installed on the Exchange server itself. GFI FaxMaker also integrates with Lotus Domino and other popular SMTP servers.

Robust and scalable multi-line fax server

GFI FaxMaker includes a scalable and robust fax server. For small installations, fax modems can be used, while more demanding organizations can make use of fax boards or active ISDN cards. GFI FaxMaker also supports the use of the Windows XP/2003 fax drivers for wider hardware support.

Fax over IP (FOIP) support

With the optional Brooktrout SR140 host based module or TE-SYSTEMS' XCAPI, GFI FaxMaker integrates with your existing IP PBX or with T.38 SIP providers to offer Fax over IP (FOIP) without any additional hardware requirements.

With FOIP you can easily send faxes over the Internet, integrating with the existing IP infrastructure. GFI FaxMaker's FOIP may also be used to implement Least Cost Routing (LCR), resulting in a cost-effective reduction in international calls dialled (calls are translated into a local call at the recipient's country).

Virtualize your fax server

Using Fax over IP with GFI FaxMaker allows you to virtualize you GFI FaxMaker server, saving physical footprint and power consumption, whilst giving you greater freedom to install FaxMaker anywhere on your network.

Compliance with HIPAA

GFI FaxMaker helps health organizations to address a number of security and privacy issues that arise because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 in the US.

Archive faxes to GFI MailArchiverâ„¢, to SQL, or other archiving solution

GFI FaxMaker allows you to archive all faxes to GFI MailArchiver, an SQL database or to an email address.

GFI MailArchiver is an email archiving solution that stores all mail in an SQL database, allowing for easy search and retrieve. With the OCR module, faxes can also be searched based on specific text within the fax.

Send and receive a fax from your handheld or mobile

Via GFI FaxMaker's Email2Fax Gateway your Blackberry and Pocket PC (2003 upwards) can be used to send and receive faxes.

Blackberry devices have a built-in PDF viewer that seamlessly integrates with GFI FaxMaker's PDF capabilities. As long as there is image-viewing capabilities, any GPRS mobile (cell) phones that are email-compliant can use GFI FaxMaker.

SMS gateway allows users to send SMS messages from their desktop

GFI FaxMaker's SMS gateway enables network users to send SMS messages from their desktop. Using the SMS gateway is faster and more cost effective than calling a mobile phone.

SMS messages can either be sent via an Internet-based SMS service or through a mobile phone or PCMCIA mobile card. The SMS gateway can also be used for administrative alerts; for example, to notify an administrator of critical system outages or application problems. Any email-enabled application can send SMS messages via the GFI FaxMaker SMS gateway. A central log of SMS messages permits the control of SMS use.

Attach Microsoft Office documents, PDF, HTML and other files

Users can attach Microsoft Office, PDF, HTML and other files to their fax.

These are rendered to fax format on the fax server. The Send to Mail Recipient command, available in Microsoft Office and other applications, can be used to quickly send any document as a fax.

Fax broadcasting using Microsoft Office Mail Merge

Using the mail merge facility of Microsoft Word or of the Office Suite of products, you can send personalized fax broadcasts.

Because Microsoft Office supports ODBC, the recipient list can be retrieved from any data source, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and many more.

OCR engine

The optional OCR module can be used to convert all incoming faxes to a readable text using optical character recognition (OCR) technology and then route the fax to the correct user by keyword.

For example, you can route by first or last name or by job function. If GFI FaxMaker cannot match a recipient, it will automatically route the fax to the default recipient or router. This is especially handy if you plan to archive your faxes, since it makes searching for a particular fax much easier.

The OCR module in GFI FaxMaker is new and greatly increases recognition quality; it also provides support for over 115 western languages. Detection is also provided for Chinese, Japanese and Korean as an optional extra.

Junk fax filter

GFI FaxMaker includes a junk fax filter that can auto-delete spam faxes on the basis of sender number.

Supports outlook contacts

There is no need to keep a separate fax address book, just select the recipient's Business Fax entry from the Outlook Contacts list or the Global Address Book. No need to duplicate address entries.

Save to folder or network share

With GFI FaxMaker 2011, faxes can also be saved to a folder or network share.

Supports multiple mail servers and clustering

Because of its flexible infrastructure, GFI FaxMaker can send and receive faxes for users on different mail servers.

It can also support a mix of Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000/2003/2007/2010 servers or even SMTP/POP3 servers. Active and passive clustering is fully supported as GFI FaxMaker does not require any software to be installed on the mail server itself; simply configure both mail servers in the cluster for GFI FaxMaker and start sending and receiving.

Active directory integration reduces administration

GFI FaxMaker for Exchange/SMTP/Lotus was designed from the ground up to minimize administration. It integrates with Active Directory eliminating the need for a separate fax user database.

User-related settings can be applied to Windows users or groups directly.

Fax boards available

GFI can also provide a wide range of fax boards (USA, Latin America and Canada only) to suit the needs of different organizations and their communication set-up.

These range from the software only IP fax platform Dialogic-Brooktrout SR 140 to the Dialogic-Brooktrout TR1034 series and the Dialogic-Brooktrout TruFax (RoHS) compliant series. Additionally, the latest version of GFI FaxMaker supports high speed faxing as featured in fax class 2.1

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