HavenZone IT Solutions - Remote Access Solutions

HavenZone offers multiple remote access solutions for workstations & servers.

More than one program can be used on the same computer.

The two methods of remote access are "On-Demand" & "Always On" ...

For clients with service contracts for IT Outsourcing HavenZone offers a "Always On" solution for both HavenZone Support and for the Client to be able to access their own computer from anywhere with an internet connection. This method allows for the HavenZone Support Team to log into computers that are unattended to fix issues, update patches, run backups & virus scanners. For an added bonus clients are given the option to add users to have remote access with an IT OutSourcing Contract.

For clients without a service contract HavenZone offers an "On-Demand" remote access solution to allow an IT Professional to access the clients computer when requested to help assist with an issue. This method is used when a client does not have a service contract or it is for a computer that is not covered by the service contract.

Both methods are completely secure connections used to access clients computers. HavenZone Support is mostly done via remote access. This is how we can offer fasters response times and keep our rates for IT Outsourcing so low.

Remote Access supplied by:

LogMeIn.com, TeamViewer, ScreenConnect, Microsoft RDP & ZoHo Meeting

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