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AgentDialer is a software implementation of predictive dialing system; it is a state-of-the-art predictive dialer that your business can rely on. It is scalable, flexible and affordable. It requires no expensive telecom hardware - calls are made either through VoIP service or through regular phone lines. The only hardware requirement is your computer.

AgentDialer is easy to download, install and setup. It takes less than 20 minutes. Unlike traditional predictive dialers, AgentDialer enables agents to work remotely, such as at home or even in a different country.

AgentDialer is a predictive dialer and a semi automatic dialer system combined. In predictive dialing mode, the system automatically dials a phone number, if it is answered by an answering machine, it leaves a pre-recorded message or simply hangs up; if it is answered by a live person, it connects the call to an agent automatically.

Predictive dialing generally relies on the fact that if a person was to sit down and manually dial 1000 people, a large percentage of these calls will not result in contact with a live person at the other end. Out of 1000 calls made, typically only about 25-35% would actually connect to a live person. In manual dialing environments, a given agent spends about 80% of their time listening to the phone ring, waiting for a live person to pick up the phone, or dealing with invalid numbers or answering machines. Only about 20% of their time actually doing what they are really here to do. By using a predictive dialer to filter out these unproductive calls and to spare the agent from having to wait for the phone to be answered, agent can better focus on the phone conversation with customers and leave the rest to the AgentDialer system.

Voicent AgentDialer Professional Edition is for single computer operation. Voicent AgentDialer Enterprise Edition is for multiple computers with multiple agents.

How can Voicent offer so many features at such an affordable price?

The main reason is that Agent Dialer predictive dialer is a software-only solution. It utilizes Internet VoIP services. Therefore, there is no need for expensive telephony hardware like a Dialogic board or specially assembled computer. It does not even require any telephone lines. Any Window based computer with internet connection will work.

Voicent software can be downloaded and setup in minutes. It can be fully tested before purchase. Most of Voicent customers do not need much support. With less support load, Voicent can be run as a lean organization and pass the savings to our customers.

System Requirements

A computer to run Voicent software, and

Phone service, such as physical phone line or IPitomy VoIP PBX
(SIP based or Skype), to make phone calls.

Enterprise Edition supports unlimited agents and remote control of predictive dialing campaign. Using a multi-line predictive dialer, an agent can focus on the phone conversation with customers by not wasting time on waiting for the next live person. However, the more the lines used, the more drop rate it will occur. The agent might be talking on the phone already, and there is another live person answering the call on another phone line. It is usually better to have multiple agents in order to achieve the best result.

Agent Dialer will automatically suspend calling when every agent is busy. It will automatically restart when any one of the agents finishes a call. However, since multiple calls are initiated at the same time, and if live answers occur among these calls, then some calls are dropped.

Voicent AgentDialer Enterprise Edition supports unlimited agents. The following is a typical setting for one agent logging in from a remote computer.

When there is a live human answering the call, AgentDialer will find the next available agent, and then send an alert window to the agent computer. The alert window will play a short beep and connect the audio automatically. The agent can start talking after the screen popup appears. The screen popup window contains detailed information about the current call. The agent can also record the conversation and enter notes about the current call. The notes and audio recording files will be automatically sent to the gateway machine and reflected on the AgentDialer spreadsheet window.

With AgentDialer Enterprise Edition, you can also control multiple dialing machines from a single AgentDialer user interface. You can also start and stop a predictive dialing campaign from a remote computer.

AgentDialer is a predictive dialer and a semi-automatic dialer combined system.

In semi-automatic dialing mode, the system can rapidly dial a phone number by the press of a key. Once connected, you can talk on the line, play pre-recorded audio files, record the whole conversation, or transfer the call to another agent. Use AgentDialer will increase your productivity for make a large number of outbound calls.

AgentDialer is easy-to-use and requires almost no time to learn. Just enter your call list, or import a call list file, or copy-paste from other programs, and you are ready to go.

Key Features - Predictive Dialing

No telephony hardware or phone line required - Calls through VOIP
Agent can work remotely, such as at home
Screen popup contains all information about the current call
Skip answering machines or leave message automatically
Record phone conversation
Save notes about the phone call
Call report about agent time spent on the phone vs. idle etc
Support multiple phone lines and multiple agents

Key Features - Semi-automatic Dialing

Dial the current phone number at the press of a key
Transfer the current call to another number
Transfer the call even with the same phone line
Play a pre-recorded message by clicking on the message button
Install multiple pre-recorded messages
Record the whole/partial phone conversation
Skip calls by selecting a different row

Key Features - General

Combined predictive dialer and semi-automatic dialer
VOIP support through the IPitomy VoIP PBX, SIP or Skype
Agent can work remotely, such as at home
Spreadsheet editing: add/remove row and column
Do-not-call scrubber
Import call list
Export call list
Copy-paste call list
Type in notes for the phone call


Improve productivity by rapid phone dialing
Reduce boredom by playing pre-recorded messages
Easy-to-use system to save you time.
Improve your bottom line

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