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VoiceNT Broadcast By Phone Autodialer from AVS / HavenZone

Our award winning automated dialing software can reach people by phone or by voice mail with personalized messages. It uses your computer to make calls through Voice over IP channel (IPitomy, SIP, SkypeOut) or through regular phone lines. It offers live call transfer, leaving voice messages, and opt-out options by pressing a touch-tone key (press 1, press 2 ...). This feature-rich and Excel-like software is ideal for voice broadcasting, business service reminders, telephone surveys, phone tree, political campaigns, debt collections, telephone notifications, emergency escalation, church and school event notifications, library book due notification, mortgage and insurance lead generation, advertise promotion, and more.

Ideal application for:

Telephone notification of upcoming events, campaign promotions
Phone-tree for school, church, library and community services
Service pickup/delivery phone notifications
Telephone survey (IVR studio maybe required)
Mortgage, insurance sales lead generation
Debt collection
Political campaign promotion, voter registration, vote reminders
Emergency alert escalation process (call 'till confirm)
Cloud based autodialing

Key Features

Easy to use Excel-like spreadsheet
Automatic dialing with a single click
Live call transfer
Interactive touch tone response (press 1, press 2, etc options)
Voice command and response (IVR system)
Record voice message by SkypeIN, regular phone line or SIP channel
Computer generated voice (optional, TTS Plug-in required)
Detect human pick up, answering machine, busy line, no answer, disconnected line
Automatic retry for busy line or no answer
Built in calendar for advanced call scheduling
Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring calls
Save/restore call list, import or copy-paste call list
Call till confirm for emergency alert escalation
Automatically schedule call for next day if calls not finished
Multilingual Text-to-Speech for customizing each phone call
Check Federal Do Not Call List
Message Designer for personalized messages

Simple and Easy-to-Use

Create or import a call list in excel spread sheet
Record voice broadcast message or use TTS
Call now or schedule calls for a later time
That's it! Voicent BroadcastByPhone will do the rest for you


Business Benefits

Small business price, Big Business Benefit
ICost-effective, Improve your bottom line
Free up your time. Increase productivity
No hardware requirement. Only your computer
.No phone line required. Just internet connection.
Robust, Reliable, Unlimited Scalability

System Requirements

Any PC with Window 7, Vista, XP
VoIP(IPitomy, SIP or Skype) or regular phone line (XP only)


AutoDialer - Call thousands of people with a single click. Easy-to-use. AffordableAutodialer

Enterprise Edition

Voicent BroadcastByPhone Enterprise Edition offers the ultimate scalability, reliability, and flexibility for large scale message broadcasting. When VOIP is used, the system can scale up to handle up to a hundred simultaneous calls on a single computer. With newer and faster computer coming out every six month, the scalability will improve further.

You can also setup a group of computers to do massive voice broadcasting using enterprise editions. Your broadcast message are sent out simultaneously from a group of networked computers, possibly from different geographical locations. Controlled from a central location, the system automatically dispatches phone calls to different dialing computers based on area code preferences.

Compared with a centralized solution, this distributed architecture enables virtually unlimited phone lines by adding new system to the network; it offers superb reliability since any failed computer is not going to affect the whole operation. Further, by setting up the system in locations with different area code, all the calls can be local. Also, since each computer is a mini-broadcasting system, they can be used independently.

Large organizations like national political parties with local offices, large school district with many campuses, and large corporations can easily set up such a network.

For individuals and small organizations, Enterprise Edition offers secured remote access, so the system can be accessed from home or office or while traveling.

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