HavenZone Voice Solutions

The latest in telecommunications is Voice over IP phone service and phone systems.

HavenZone Voice is a division of HavenZone inc. Offering VoIP Phone Service at very low prices. HavenZone Voice has been offering VoIP Phone Service to businesses sine the beginning of 2008 and has saved many companies from their old phone service from Verizon and moved them away from using Traditional Telephone Lines


With HavenZone Voice you will never feel like just a number. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to provide solutions quickly for all of our clients. The size of your account does not affect the level of service received from HavenZone Voice. With our low prices and high quality of service you are sure to be happy with VoIP Phone Service from HavenZone Voice.

Using the latest technologies, HavenZone will help your company evolve in the digital age! Helping your company be able to get more work done while cutting the bottom-line is the goal of HavenZone. With products and services offered by Advanced Voice Solutions, HavenZone can turn your work environment into a global environment.

Advanced Voice Solutions (AVS) was established in 1990 dedicated to the Call Processing and Voice Mail industry.

Integrity, dedication and caring about our clients is the backbone of our company. In a world where people say things and do not follow through, our insistence is to be a company that will listen to our clients and be judged by our actions. We will find a solution that is right for you!

In 2007 AVS became an IPitomy dealer offering Voice Over IP (VoIP) PBX solutions to help cut the cost of monthly phone bills as well as create a work environment where employees can go mobile for our clients! The IPitomy product line offers many solutions in the world of VoIP and in conjunction with other partnerships AVS has formed it can maximize the budget a company has for communications. Also in 2007 AVS formed a partnership with HavenZone inc, allowing AVS to also offer things like VoIP Phone Service, Custom Designed Web Sites, Custom Graphic and Print Design, Internet Connectivity and Network Consulting & Configuration Solutions to our many clients.