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Backing up a MySQL Database

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Using the Hosting Control Center, you can backup and restore MySQL databases as often as you would like. However, you can only initiate a backup after any previous backup or restore request has completed.

When you create a back-up file using the Hosting Control Center, our system names the file using the name of the existing database. However, while you cannot define a filename during the back-up process, you can rename a file once the process is complete.

Note: You must use the the .sql filename extension when renaming any MySQL back-up file.

To Back Up a MySQL Database

1. Log in to your Account Manager.

2. In the My Products section, select Hosting.

3. Click Manage Account next to the hosting account you want to modify.

4. In the Databases section of the Hosting Control Center, Click the MySQL icon.

5. Click the pencil icon next to the database you would like to back up to open its edit features.

6. Click the Backup icon in the menu bar.

7. Click OK to backup your database.

Your selected database will be backed up. You may check on the status of the backup progress from the MySQL database information screen in the Hosting Control Center at any time. 

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