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What process colors does HavenZone recommend for black, white, and blues?

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Black (text, image, background, etc.) should be 100% Black, (C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:100)

White (text, image, background, etc) should be pure White. (C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:0)

Blue – In the 4-Color Process, some blues that look blue on the computer screen tend to print purple. Also, the lighter the blue, the more purple it gets. For example, a blue gradient that starts with a deep blue will more than likely start to turn purple as it gets lighter. Here are some ranges of Pantone® process coated blue color ranges that are safe for the CMYK 4-Color Process:

192-1, 196-1 to 227-1
197-2 to 227-2
214-3 to 227-3
211-4 to 227-4
211-5 to 227-5
211-6 to 213-6, 218-6 to 227-6
211-7 to 213-7, 218-7 to 227-7
211-8 to 213-8, 218-8 to 227-8
211-9 to 213-9, 218-9 to 227-9 

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